Random Walk 18: ComSciConCan #5 with Kathryn Vaillancourt

THIS WEEK: Kathryn Vaillancourt is a PhD candidate at McGill University studying how addiction can change the way traits are passed down, without having to alter the person’s genetic code. It’s a fascinating (and relatively new) area of research called “epigenetics”, and I wish I had read the wikipedia article before the interview, because it says that, “Due to epigenetics being in the early stages of development as a science and the sensationalism surrounding it in the public media, David Gorski and geneticist Adam Rutherford advised caution against proliferation of false and pseudoscientific conclusions by new age authors who make unfounded suggestions that a person’s genes and health can be manipulated by mind control.” We also talk about Kathryn’s path through academia, an awesome new arts+science podcast she’s creating, The Brain Bank that she works at, zines, and a bunch of other fun stuff! Continue reading Random Walk 18: ComSciConCan #5 with Kathryn Vaillancourt