A modest proposal


Maybe you can…


Welcome to the beautiful Bruce Trail. This extensive network of trails spans a distance of over 890 km between Niagara and Tobermory, stopping in the greatest city in Canada, Hamilton Ontario!

One of my favorite aspects of Hamilton is how, no matter where you go in the region, a little piece of the city is there to make you feel at home. For example, the incredible stretch of trail above. This is a picture from a run I went on earlier this week. Sometimes I feel like I just need to take off into the woods and get good and lost for a bit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to forget about the Big City. Luckily for me a Styrofoam to-go container was just off the main trail, reminding me that no matter what I do, Hamilton’s got my back.

Seriously though. What the ship? I’m not crazy for thinking this is ridiculous am I?

After taking this serene shot, I proceeded to run a couple meters with my new Styrofoam friend until I could find a garbage can. I’m talking maybe 600 meters. I wish I could say this is an unusual occurrence, but it really isn’t. So with that in mind…

A simple proposal for my fellow runners

Ok. Say you run several times a week. A hand full of these are focused sessions where you have some specific goal in mind, be it intervals or a long run or a tempo run, whatever. Those are sacred. Leave those as is.

Likely, you have one or two easy runs a week with no specific focus other than upping the mileage or getting the legs moving. On these days, run with a small bag. A simple drawstring bag will work perfectly.

My #humblebrag drawstring bag of choice. 

Now, begin running. When you see a piece of trash in a place that isn’t a garbage receptacle, place it in your bag. This should take 3 seconds. As a fun game, try to do it as quickly as possible. When you get home, put the garbage wherever you want. I recommend a garbage can. Most people choose garbage can. I really wouldn’t recommend anything other than garbage can. Finally, wash your hands, stretch, then shower.

That’s it.

I know. It’s not your tr#sh, but it is your problem. It really seems like it’s easier to negatively affect your surroundings than it is to positively affect them. That’s why so many people need to do a little bit more than their part. But as a runner, you’re in a perfect position to do a little extra without eating up any extra time,.

Try it. Do it once a week. I promise it isn’t gross or annoying or hard at all. If a couple people decide to do a little extra, I’m sure it will make a big difference.





Here’s a trick for setting up your drawstring bag so it doesn’t fall off your shoulders.

The problem is that the strings don’t connect in the middle, so there is no reason they can’t just slide off your shoulders. This technique solves the problem of having to carry your keys with you as well. You will need an elastic band and an object that has a narrow waist (like keys, or an itty-bitty dumbell, or i don’t know… you could probably even use a pen if you had nothing else).

Put the elastic band between the drawstrings and your chest, pull the two ends away from your chest so the middle of the band is in contact with the strings, then loop one end of the band in the other, just like in the third picture. Your elastic band should be looped around the drawstrings with one free end. You may have to repeat the looping to shorten the band (I did it twice).

Now, put your keys or pencil or whatever in the loop. The object you put in the loop should not be able to come out of the elastic band loop without stretching the band. If it’s too loose, do another loop with the elastic band.

This will create a “knot” that keeps the drawstrings relatively snug around your shoulders and stops them from falling off.



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