Field Notes – 3 things I did last week (June 26, 2017)

1) Big Thief in Toronto

After a year of nearly constant rotation, Big Thief followed up their breakout album Masterpiece with Capacity, and it’s been getting a lot of my attention lately. Luckily for me, their tour brought them to Toronto on Wednesday. Sarah and I took the day off and hung out in Toronto, ending the day with a great show. Check them out here.

2) Pens!

Also in Toronto. We visited Laywine’s and played with some fountain pens. I picked up an OHTO  Horizon needle point ballpoint pen in flashy yellow. I’ve been into the Pilot G-tec in 0.4 mm lately, and it’s fine tip has really helped me work on my penmanship, but this OHTO… it’s so smooth, the lines are fat… and it makes my handwriting look like garbage. But I love it.

We also visited MUJI on the recommendation of my friend Ben. That place is nice. I will have to spend some more time going through their notebooks, but in the mean time I picked up a little flip book. They also have a collection of cute stamps for personalizing your covers.

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3) Canada Day at Kawartha Lakes

Finally, we drove up to Sarah’s parent’s cottage. I got to finish//start a book (White Noise // Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), go for a nice run, and see some pretty spectacular fireworks. Happy Canada day, y’all.




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